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Responsive Design

In today’s technologically advanced world, having a responsive webpage design for your Church will allow people to easily find the information that they are looking for on any device.

Most people when looking online for a Church now days use all kinds of different devices. They use anything from a smart phone, iPhone, a tablet or their Mac or PC. This means that unless you have the right website platform some people may not be able to contact you or find your church.

This is why you need a responsive webpage for your Church.

A responsive webpage is a Website designed in a way that it will resize it’s self for viewing and navigation across a wide range of devices, including IPhone and smartphones and tablet s’ as well as traditional PCs and Mac’s.

Of course you can create a special mobile version of your website, which often requires writing new code from scratch, and can be just as costly as creating your website. So why not simply build one responsive website that will be user friendly on all Internet capable devices?

It’s more cost effective to build your website in the WordPress responsive webpage platform then it is to build a custom website from scratch or to converting older fixed-width Websites. This is true because it would require us to rethink your entire Website design and redo it from scratch.

We have found that the simplest and most cost effective process of creating a great responsive webpage is to use the WordPress content management system along with a responsive WordPress theme or template.

It has become the industry norm now days to use a Content Management (CMS) platforms such as WordPress or Joomla. They are a good stable platform and most have responsive themes, templates or plugins that can be used to develop the perfect website for your church.

We at “Churches by Design” have been designing webpages for a very long time and we have found the content management system that is the most flexible, most reliable, the safest and the easiest platform to learn is WordPress.

We recommend is WordPress. Because WordPress has hundreds if not thousands of new responsive themes for church websites to choose from. Also WordPress has a very user friendly administrator backend that is simple to use so once your churches website is complete you can easily add or edit any information that is important to your church services.

If you prefer and have a big Internet media budget we can always create a responsive webpage from the ground up just to suit your personal business needs. But with so many great WordPress themes out there. We would recommend against it. We are experts at taking any WordPress theme and editing, rearranging, adding images and changing font’s and colors so we can give you the exact website foe your church.

Would like to reach more people with the message of the gospel? Is your church website old and antiquated? If you think you are missing out on visitors because of your one dimensional flat church webpage design, isn’t time to start fresh with a new responsive webpage design give us a call at 859-514-0779 or email us at information@churches-by-design.com