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Optimize Your Church Website

Having a great website for your church is important. However, you can have the best responsive webpage in the world and it won’t do much good in bringing in new members if your website cannot be found online. It is proven fact that you can increase visitors to your church if your webpage page is optimizes for the people you are trying to reach. The way to reach people with your website is through “Search Engine Optimization”.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Search Engine Optimization for your church webpage is a process of applying tested methods to produce the highest possible rankings for your website. Although, a high ranking website is important. Getting the right people to find your webpage is just as important. This is done be using specific keywords. We call the targeted keywords. Think about it like this. When you do a search on a search engine, you type in words that will define what you are looking for. Those words are targeted keywords. In the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing the higher your website ranked for specific targeted keywords, the higher volume of quality targeted traffic you will get. This will produce results by making your website easy to find by anyone who is searching for what your church has to offer. In essence, targeted SEO helps people access your church when they are searching for help, hope, or a place they can call home to worship.

We don’t believe that search engine optimization should be an after the fact approach.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be done during the conceptualization, building and after the fact of developing and designing your church website. It is important to have a plan. Who you are trying to reach and what is the purpose of your webpage. Once a plan is reached, finding the right keywords and writing content using the correct keywords must be done. You will find that organizing and laying out your website from the onset will bring you the best results down the road. Keyword placement in the websites menu, titles, links, image alt tags and content will make all the difference in weather a search engine will rank you site well.

Once your churches webpage is built and online, then the after the fact SEO should commence. We call this off page search engine optimization.

Off page SEO consists of link building, Article posting, commenting and social media. Off page search engine optimization is a vital part of your search optimization.

Let me explained. There are two parts to SEO. On page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO uses your keywords and content to give your website relevance for the search engines and those who search you what you have to offer. In-order to rank well your website need to be relevant to what you say it is about.

Off page SEO produces authority. In order for your website to rank high in the search engines your website must be the authority on what you say your site is about. What makes link building and social media so important in off page SEO is that any website that has a common factor with your website give you a link on their site pointing to your site. That represents a vote to the search engines that your churches webpage is an authority on your site topic. These are called authority links. The more authority links you have, the higher rank you will get in the search engines. Social media works similarly. When you get good reviews or comments on a social site that can also count as a positive vote for your webpage.

So as you can see it is not just having a great looking webpage. Keywords, Content, Design, SEO and social media all play an equal role in developing just the right website for your church’s needs.

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