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Church Webpage Design

A Church Webpage is Great Way to Spread The Good News

A church website is a great way to spread the good news of the gospel of Christ Jesus and draw new members into your church. In today’s fast paced online world one of the best ways to reach people is to have a responsive webpage.

Having a responsive webpage for your Church or faith based organization will provide a new platform that will inform potential new members, active members and the those searching for a new place to worship with all the information they need.

With a website you can provide:

  • Information about your faith and beliefs.
  • Post your weekly bulletin.
  • Information about events or inspirational series.
  • Service, worship and small group times.
  • A map to where you church is located.
  • Testimonies
  • Pastoral and administration information.
  • Annual audit information.
  • Outreach and mission information.
  • Daily devotional.
  • Video’s of weekly services
  • Nursery and Transportation information

Spreading the Gospel is not a business but rather an act of love. And un-like businesses in the world, a lot of churches just don’t have a budget to hire a professional webpage designer. If this is your church what the Lord put into my heart is for you. The Lord place upon my heart that there are a lot of churches that don’t have the funding to build their own webpage. So the Holy Spirit has placed it in my heart to build a website for any Church that doesn’t have a budget and not to charge for my service. He said to me, Do not charge anything, but what ever donation I put on their heart you will receive. I am here to serve and obey the Lord. If your church doesn’t have a big budget to build and design a webpage visit here for more information More Church Website Information.

Here is what we will do:

We will build you a webpage on a responsive wordpress content management platform for your church and teach you or a staff member how to use the content management system.

  • Using a template you choose.
  • Use your Church images and content.
  • Create five basic pages.
  • Modify the template to match your church colors.
  • Help you get Internet Hosting.
  • Help you get setup with a domain
  • How to sign in and add members.
  • How to add content, event and bulletin info.
  • How to add and upload photos and videos.
  • How to add or change contact information.
  • How to maintain your webpage.
  • How to up date all wordpress components.

To find out more about more about how to find a wordpress template, to check web hosting, about online video, or to see some examples of other faith based organizations websites I have built feel free to look around at some of the other pages on my site.

For more information Please call Church Webpage Design at 859-514-0779 or email me at michael@ministerofanewcovenenat.com